Drift. (A​+​H011)

by Arthur Dent & Deeper Than Space

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“Underneath all reason lies delirium, and drift.”
– Gilles Deleuze

While listening to the track, “Chindogu,” which makes a premier on this reissue of “Drift,” I found myself drifting into my memory-space of 1995, the year that the CD was originally released. So much has drifted through our lives, our minds and our sub-cultures in the almost twenty years that have passed since then.

There is little cultural content that isn’t advertised, marketed or made available through either Facebook or Twitter and, as a result, electronic music culture and social networking are increasingly resembling one another. One only need look at MySpace or Soundcloud as two obvious examples of “music as social networking.”

Pop culture has absorbed the cadence, flow and, most importantly, the speed of social networking and as a result new content tends to evaporate quickly after a couple of clicks. A culture that moves at the speed of light, doesn’t slow down long enough for our 140 character attentions spans to savor it, so there is little need for nuance or detail.

We need to relearn how to “turn off, tune out and drop in” so that we can listen to music wafting from the cracks in the world, where the real music occurs, instead of filtering it out as we rush past it.

As I listened to this wonderful CD I found that time slowed down for me, enabling me to drift and spend time focusing on its textures, colors and sound space. And, if you let it, I think it will do the same for you.

Learn to drift. Your ears will be rewarded.

Kim Cascone, Pacifica, California, July 2012

Kim Cascone is a composer, sound artist, touring musician, lecturer, writer and ex-owner/founder of Silent Records. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Kathleen and son Cage.

Silent Records: www.silentrecords.net


released September 18, 2012

Produced, Written, and Performed by Adam Douglas and Dominic Cramp.
Recorded at Life Studies Studios, Santa Cruz, December 26, 1994.
Mastered at Envy Digital Studios
Graphic and Layout Design by Leftm. leftmgraphics.com
1995 Deeper Than Space And Arthur Dent
1995 Silent Records. silentrecords.net
2012 Architects + Heroes Records. architectsandheroes.net



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